Arakion – a hand-crafted dungeon crawler on Greenlight

Arakion – a hand-crafted dungeon crawler on Greenlight

Arakion is a group based role-playing dungeon crawler that pays homage to the classics while adding its own style with fresh mechanics. Lead a band of three heroes through a broken land, ripped apart by unknown forces. Explore a beautiful handcrafted world filled with crumbling dungeons, dense forests, ancient temples, and hidden secrets, all while attempting to build a safe-haven from the chaos.

Play as three adventurers awoken in a world torn by conflict, where the lands and rivers have been ripped from the ground. In midst of this upheaval there is but one desire – finding a place free from the conflict and chaos. In the search for order your heroes must find a way to stop the destruction from happening. Between your intrepid adventurers and their goal exists a council of immortal beings. They are known as The Ancients. The Ancients wandered Arakion since before written history. Their plan is simple – utter annihilation for all who oppose them.

It’s time to begin your story, will you be the worlds salvation or destruction?

Steam Greenlight

Written by Patrick in 2. September 2016

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