Crimson Hills is a twisted new horror game out on Steam Greenlight

Crimson Hills is a twisted new horror game out on Steam Greenlight

Crimson Hills is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmare turned reality.

The game takes place at Baskerville Castle, but will also take you on a journey across different locations, dreamscapes and explore the bottom of a haunted mind. You will come face to face with the old and dreaded horrors of nature and cosmos. During the game you have to explore and solve puzzles, and most importantly; stay away from the things lurking in and around Baskerville Castle. For there are things that want to stop your progress at any cost. The things that haunts your mind, are they real or imaginary? And what exactly is reality?

Gameplay features

  • A haunted world – The game has different regions connected to Baskerville Castle, ranging from catacombs to caves and mansions to gardens. Every place is created from the gound up with utmost precision and care to invoke feelings of every range.
  • A haunted tale – The story is about an agent from the bureau of special affairs that is sent to investigate the strange mass disapperances around Crimson Hills and specifically Baskerville Castle. What secrets will you discover? And are you ready to see the presence of the horrifying old gods that lingers around Crimson Hills?
  • Puzzles – The game has different puzzles that you will need to complete to progress, ranging from deadly traps to puzzles of the mind.
  • Atmosphere – Plays a big part in Crimson Hills and all sounds and visuals will be placed in order to immerse you in the world of Crimson Hills. If you dare..
  • Survival – You will encounter abominations and horrors of the old gods. You have no weapons so you must use your wits and mind to survive. Don`t be too brave, hide if you can! In some areas there will be pitch dark so you have to use your flashlight to navigate.

You can vote for Crimson Hills now on Steam Greenlight.

Written by Patrick in 19. September 2016

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