Musical adventure game Wailing Heights coming to XBox One & PS4

Musical adventure game Wailing Heights coming to XBox One & PS4

Wailing Height, a coffin-rocking, body-hopping, musical adventure game from Outsider Games to make some noise on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.s

Welcome to Wailing Heights, a remote town where Hipster vampires, folk-singing vegan werewolves and soulful zombies create a unique soundtrack of pop, rock and soulful songs, tightly harmonised with point-and-click inspired gameplay.

Play as Francis Finklestein, a washed-up song-writer trapped in a holding cell for the sole crime of ‘not being dead yet’. You learn to use your songwriting powers to “body­-hop”, leaving your corpse in the holding cell and jumping from ghost to vampire to werewolf to zombie. Each creature’s skills and abilities bring you one step closer to getting your body out of lock-up and getting the hell out of Wailing Heights.

Wailing Heights combines a character-based narrative with an gameplay-integrated soundtrack of indie, pop, soul and country tunes, brought to life by an amazing team of talent, including writer Kevin Beimers (Telltale’s Hector badge of Carnage) and a host of comicbook artists such as such as John Mc Farlane (The Revenants), Glenn Fabry (Preacher), John McCrea (Hitman), PJ Holden (Judge Dredd).

Wailing Heights is created and developed by Outsider Games and is coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One. The title is currently available on PC.

Written by Patrick in 1. November 2016

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