INDIE GAMES PLAY 7 unveils its games selection

INDIE GAMES PLAY 7 unveils its games selection

For the 7th edition, Indie Games Play will showcase a selection of 20 video games created by independent studios and teams of students from different European countries. Est Ensemble, which supported the last three editions of the European Indie Game Days, renews once again its support to the indie game scene by joining the event.

The selected games

Indie Games Play unveils today the selection of 20 games that will be exhibiting at the show. The 13 games selected for the Play Awards in the “Indie Games” category are:

  • Airheart from Blindflug Studio
  • A Normal Lost Phone from Accidental Queens
  • Antioch from Mi-Clos Studio
  • Boiling Bolt from Persistant Studios
  • City Invaders from Lone Stone Studio
  • Domiverse from Haunted Tie
  • Double Kick Heroes from Headbang Club
  • Outskirts from Rezo Zero
  • Panoptes VR from Team Panoptes
  • Robonauts from QubicGames
  • Super Rude Bear Resurrection from Alex Rose Games
  • Syndrome from Camel 101
  • We All End Up Alone from Nice Penguins

In the « Student Projects » category, the 7 selected games are:

  • Antigraviator
  • Beats Of Fury
  • Code 7 – Episode 0
  • Jank’N’Pon
  • Lily – Colors of Santa Luz
  • Lumière Noire
  • Northern Lights

Tickets are available on the official website:

Written by Patrick in 24. September 2016

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